WildFly Proposals

A central location for analysis and design documents of new features and capabilities in the WildFly project universe

WildFly features and capabilites are described as proposals documents that contain information on their context, scope, requirements, etc. Proposals can affect one or many categories. This page lists all categories and their respective proposals.


Agroal [agroal]

Agroal DataSources

Bootable Jar [bootable-jar]

WildFly and an application packaged as an executable jar

Command Line Interface (CLI) [cli]

Command Line Interface tool

Cloud [cloud]

Developing and Running a WildFly application on the cloud

Clustering [clustering]

Clustering, including Infinispan and JGroups

Datasources [datasource]

Server-provided javax.sql.Datasources

Embedded [embedded]

Embedding WildFly in another process

IIOP [iiop]

Internet InterORB Protocol and CORBA

Jakarta Batch [batch]

Jakarta Batch

Jakarta CDI / Weld [weld]

Jakarta Contexts and Dependency Injection

Jakarta Concurrency [concurrency]

Jakarta Concurrency

Jakarta Connectors [jca]

Jakarta Connectors

Jakarta EE [ee]

Jakarta Enterprise Edition

Jakarta Enterprise Beans [ejb]

Jakarta Enterprise Beans (EJB)

Jakarta Faces [jsf]

Jakarta Faces

Jakarta Mail [mail]


Jakarta Persistence [jpa]

Jakarta Persistence

Jakarta Resources [resource-adapter]

Resource adapters

Jakarta RESTful Web Services [jaxrs]

Jakarta RESTful Web Services

Jakarta Validation [bean-validation]

Jakarta Validation

JBoss Diagnostic Reporter [jdr]

JBoss Diagnostic Reporter

JBoss MSC [msc]

JBoss Modular Service Container

Logging [logging]


Management [management]


Maven [maven]

Maven Tooling & Ecosystem

Messaging [messaging]

Messaging, including Jakarta Messaging (JMS)

MicroProfile [microprofile]


Migration [migration]

Application and server configuration migration

Mod_cluster [mod_cluster]


Modules [modules]

JBoss Modules & Java Platform Module System (JPMS)

Observability [observability]


OpenShift [openshift]

Building and Running a WildFly application on OpenShift

POJO [pojo]

Legacy JBoss Microcontainer support

Quickstarts [quickstarts]

Quickstart examples for WildFly

Scripts [scripts]

Scripting WildFly

Security [security]


Service Archive (SAR) [sar]

Service Archive (SAR)

Transactions [transactions]

Transactions, including Jakarta Transactions API (JTA, JTS)

Undertow [undertow]


User Experience [user-experience]

Improving the experience of using WildFly

Web Console [console]

HAL Web Console

Web Services [webservices]

Web Services

WildFly Core [core]

WildFly Core

WildFly Elytron [elytron]

WildFly Elytron

WildFly Galleon [wf-galleon]

Provision WildFly with Galleon Feature Packs and Layers

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